Update: FlyInside FSX & HTC Vive - No More Crashes

A short follow-up on my previous post here.

After not using VR for a while and getting many different updates in the meantime (Windows, Nvidia drivers, FlyInside, Steam VR and whatnot) I grabbed my Vive again and tried it FlyInside once more.

Behold, no a crashes! I can't exactly say what happened or why, but it would seem some update - or a combination of many updates - fixed FlyInside. Which is very cool!

It's sad I don't get around to flying a whole lot lately.

FlyInside: FSX in VR with the HTC Vive

If you've not spent enough money for flight sim things already and you're thinking: "What else can I buy for my setup to make it better?", then you may not even have considered VR an option yet. Well, you should, especially if X-Plane 11 - or whatever big next generation simulation may come - brings native support, and headsets get improved. For now however, there's FlyInside and the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

Disclaimer: I kept having issues with my specific setup and encountered many crashes; I'm blaming my FSX install with way too many addons for this, as others do not share my somewhat negative experience. Additionally, the FlyInside team has generously offered their help and are working with me to resolve these problems, therefore I'll focus on the other (great) things instead!

UPDATE: As I have posted here I did not experience the frequent crashes anymore since sometime in November '17.

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