A GDPR notice

The GDPR has arrived…

And while I am not obliged to obey these rules (yet), as your data is not being used for commercial activity, I intend to follow it best I can.

You can read about data processing right here: https://blog.mazzn.net/about/regarding-your-privacy/

In other news: Content is in the making. I’m just not quite there yet!

From FSX to P3D: My Switching Experience

After a long time of saying “FSX is good enough”, the decision was made to try out something new: I bought a copy of P3Dv4 Academic. I’ve spent a few hours setting it up and flying, collected my thoughts and experiences and wrote them up for you to judge: Is it worth getting P3D when you already own FSX?

Find below what feels like the longest review in existence.

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