From FSX to P3D: My Switching Experience

After a long time of saying “FSX is good enough”, the decision was made to try out something new: I bought a copy of P3Dv4 Academic. I’ve spent a few hours setting it up and flying, collected my thoughts and experiences and wrote them up for you to judge: Is it worth getting P3D when you already own FSX?

Find below what feels like the longest review in existence.

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Aerofly FS 2 – Flight Simulation Made In Germany

I’ve had my eye on Aerofly FS 2 (Steam) for a while now. The flight sim made in Germany by IPACS recently came out of early access, so I decided to pick it up! I was especially excited because it has native VR support, which I would have loved in the first sim they released. These are my thoughts after a few hours of flying around. Does it hold up to the standards of Germany manufacturing quality?

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Update: FlyInside FSX & HTC Vive – No More Crashes

A short follow-up on my previous post here.

After not using VR for a while and getting many different updates in the meantime (Windows, Nvidia drivers, FlyInside, Steam VR and whatnot) I grabbed my Vive again and tried it FlyInside once more.

Behold, no a crashes! I can’t exactly say what happened or why, but it would seem some update – or a combination of many updates – fixed FlyInside. Which is very cool!

It’s sad I don’t get around to flying a whole lot lately.